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Chess Not At All a Measure of Intelligence

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    Because of the incredibly unrelishable characters who play chess that i have known both in real life and in cyberspace, i have concluded that chess is not at all indicative of intelligence. Chess is a reflex of the brain, a certain spasm some do more naturally than others. It is not a higher brain function, but a pattern recognition trick some master better than others. Judging by caracter most chess players are a-holes and certainly not possessed of any superior intelligence.  They like to flatter themselves that they are, but the truth is another matter.

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    I think you are saying this because you are mad that you suck at chess.

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    Well, it is true...

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    Whats your point, if you have one ? If your so unhappy quit.

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    I'm so happy to be a moron. finally all stops are out and I can say it without restraint, "I AM A MORON"!!!!

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            How much do you want for the dog??

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    I agree that chess is not a measure of intelligence.  Personally I think "intelligence" is too generic of a word to even be measured.  If someone can remember every book they've ever read from memory, but can't tie their own shoes, are they intelligent?


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