By the way, i invite you all to chat about chess in the afterlife...


I'm sure there's a lot of people in the site that knows, we're just waiting for them starting to tell us


I've never heard of chess being referred to as a waste of time.

I suspect it helps fend of dementia. 


There's an old irish proverb that says a good laugh and a good nights sleep are the two best cures for anything. There's some interesting talk among sleep experts and how irregular or insufficient sleep can lead to dementia or alzheimer's later on in life. Get your 8 hours guys.


...and a glass of irish whisky captain...just to help having a good sleep





I disagree that chess is a waste of time. Whether chess is a waste of time or not depends on the person itself and what he/she intends to achieve in the field of chess. 

I am a hobbyist chess player with zero intentions of going pro in chess since I already know that it is impossible to make decent money until you reach 2700+ FIDE. 

Chess is a recreation for me and I just chill with chess. Some others chill by watching movies, music, Netflix etc. I just chill using chess and music happy.png

Definitely, NOT a waste of time. Again spending lots of time on the game with no intentions of going pro in this game IS considered as a waste of time by me.

Limited amount of chess like 1-2 hrs a day is ok for me. More than that and I begin to think that I could be doing something else.

Ultimately, the question has to be answered by the person himself. Only he can answer for himself. Nobody else can.


There are other things to do at night other than sleep. 


@MayCaesar: words of wisdom.