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chess puzzle replacement for desperate measures

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    P.S. Black is going up ^^_

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    Thank you. Good puzzle

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    i am not sure its the best way to win for black, but nice one.

    it is customary that black is going down, not up

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    thanks for the basic

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    good endgame puzzle

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    thanks guys...

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    its a nice puzzle i liked the way in the end by which black gets a queen

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    It's too easy and the board is upside down. Show up the coordinates

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    I've seen that puzz before, not long ago

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    That is the nicest way, but maybe not the fastest.

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    johnanna wrote:

    thanks for providing a workaround for the broken daily puzzle, chess.com.

    i believe there are other solutions that are as good or maybe even stronger

    I did this to HELP chess.com. I am not their staff or anything. But it would be nice... Hm...

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    well another alternative for unsure win (to gurtatas)

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    Imagine if black was going down


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