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Chess rating (Fide) and (EFC)

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    Ratings are shadows,not reflections. A new grade comes out every six months. The closer you are to the next six months the less accurate your grade is. The ratio from EFC to FIDE is approximately one to twelve. You can search up your grade ON EFC CHESSBASE or FIDE ratings.com.
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    the way I've worked out ecf (English chess federation) grade to fide ( Fédération Internationale des Échecs) grade. is ecf grade * 7.5 700..

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    Good to know I will search up the ratio on my calculator.

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    The ratio is 10.71428

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    if your rapid rating (at time of post) on chess.com is 1277 then your ecf rating will be 77 (actually it's 76.93333 but whatever). however chess.com ratings aren't 100% accurate.

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    I know. I don't Know about FIDE but EFC is like this If you beat someone you get 40 more grading points then them. You can't lose grading though for example if you're 90 and your opponent is 40 then if you win you don't go down to 80. If you draw with someone Better than you you get their grade and if you win and then lose its the same. If you draw with someone under your rating then you get their rating.

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    that's how i understood it but people at my club told me it's +/- 50 if win or lose not +/- 40 if win or lose.

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    Ginger ninja if you want to know more go on Luca's Chess posts

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    Its 50 points but your opponent can't be 40 points more or less than you or they become that grade for grading purposes. Explained here  ...

    ECF grading explained


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