Chess rating system

i like the idea of everyone startin on the same rating, but i dont understand. if u play someone with a lower rating and u lose u lose more points than if u lose against someone with a higher rating. thats good.
Loomis wrote: Yes, and it does. When you complete a game your rating changes based on the current rating of you and your opponent. The "rating change" listed on the details tab should change any time you or your opponent finishes a game that changes your rating.

are you sure about this cause i didnt notice that at allUndecided

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The more games you played, the lower your rating decrease / increase.

The first time i played against a 1400 rating i won 250, now i only won 16

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Agung, this is serious, share your thoughts with all of us.


I think it would be better to start at 900.

Starting at 1200 means that everyone is overrated. I know for certain from playing chessmaster on the PC at my rating means I get pasted. My real rating according to that program is under 1200.

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AlecKeen wrote: Becca wrote: Rating has its place but its not the most important thing. Sometimes you can lose a game on time and it will seriously affect your rating this has nothing to do with how well you play.

Oh yes it does! How well you play includes how well you manage your time. Time is as much part of Chess as it is in other games. In football you could score the greatest goal in history, but if the referee blows time before it goes in it doesn't count. Similarly in Chess if you don't get your moves in within the time, you lose, and correctly so.

 Maybe not much effect on your rating in some cases. I played some1 almost 150 rate higher than me and when i won, i was upgraded just 1 rate and him less by 1 rate. teh i played another 1200 starter and lost almost 35 rate and he jumped up to 135something as a first bonus??????

I still don't get it???????????? 

Ratings -- a measuring stick -- that's it  When I had a rating below 2000 I would challenge a player above that level and get a pathetic message like 'Oops! this player doesn't play anyone below 2000.  You know why!  Because they're scared of losing their precious little rating points.  They would be better off selling insurance, there is more security doing that.  Oops is a jellyfish burp!
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 Yep. Though I must say, I can't stand being a very low rating. It's demeaning. I know it's a game, but winning is the point.

the higher the rating ... the better you play!
i am beginning 2 understand this ...
good maniac

if i get challenged, it tells me how many points i risk or gain, how do i know if i challenge someone else?


i never see how many points i can risk losing or gaining ... where do u find that out?




true. blitz for good memory and sight. plodders rely more on their analytical skills, performing poorly in blitzes. so i think....anyway.


I agree , 1200 is average, and you can rise or down, play and no ask, or you can do yourself the website.