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    Vyomo wrote:

    I see some problems with Elo. 

    Firstly, some countries have inflated ratings because the "1800s" aren't that good(no offence meant).

    Other countries, like India, have 1500s who could give GMs a run for their money.

    Therefore, every year, I would adjust the ratings to avoid such inflation.

    I wish there were a systematic unbiased way to adjust ratings.  Ideally something that could be applied after every tournament, or after every game even.

    If some mathematician came up with a way I'm sure there would be applications outside of chess too.

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    In all my time playing chess, i noticed that there are two types of ratings, one elo and one is USCF. which one is the most precise for chess ratings? 

    My chess craze

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    viswanathan wrote:
    turtle wrote: i am starting to understand the rating system, but how do you determine points during a game? are certain peices worth different points? 

    turtle, the general points system followed is as follows:

    pawn - 1pt.

    knight/bishop - 3pts.

    rook - 5pts.

    queen - 10pts.

    of course points are not everything... the position of your piece also matters.. for example you might not mind losing a bishop or rook to save a pawn on the 7th row.. and points dont have any bearing on the game result.. it is just a basic framework to help beginners understand the value of different pieces

    Incorrect - Queen is 9, not 10.

    2 Rooks vs a Queen, no extra pawn for the possessor of the Queen, all other factors equal, is better for the 2 Rooks.  Of course, other factors aren't always equal.

    I think the points system as a whole is a joke.  I've seen games, especially Bishop vs Knight, where a Knight is as strong as a Queen and a Bishop is as weak as a backwards pawn, and I've seen other games where the Bishop runs rampant like a Queen, and the Knight takes for ever to get from one place to another I'd almost rather have a pawn.  This is especially true for the Bishop pair on an open board vs the Knight pair.

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    Agreed. The rating system is just a guideline. Players have been Queen up but mated. 

    The best example of how flawed the system is a bishop endgame pawn down. Opposite coloured bishop is WAY better than same coloured in that position.

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    These two items have likely been posted many times but I can't read through all postings.

    1) I try often to play higher ratings so when a game comes up the higher rated player sometimes aborts.  I guess this is due to my lower rating, so my question is, why not just set one's ratings to play a desired range and not waste anyone's time?

    2)  Because of the aforementioned selected ratings range, a person's rating can be manipulated (eg play lower and pad your score).  It is a lower '+' score, but still a '+'.

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    The only accurate rating is based on OTB play.

    Ratings based on playing on the internet are, for a number of reasons, unreliable and inaccurate and not worth worrying about

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    landwehr wrote:

    The only accurate rating is based on OTB play.

    Ratings based on playing on the internet are, for a number of reasons, unreliable and inaccurate and not worth worrying about


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    Hello, i have just joined. How do i release chess pieces once i have picked them up?

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    I'm not sure how you are picking them up, but it's generally a click and drag thing, so just let go of the mouse button?

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    just lost a game because of the server?

    what should i do?

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    Report a bug if it wasn't just a connection loss in a live game. Then play more games, your rating will adjust.

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    joeyson wrote:

    wow ppl

    just play

    ratings dont even matter


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    I can see why they wouldn't matter to him.

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    just joined kirk from

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    travis1010 wrote:
    So the reason Kasparov is better than me is because his rating is higher than mine?

    No ! He is better then all of us because his chess game is vastly superior.

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    reginadicuori2 wrote:

    just lost a game because of the server?

    what should i do?

    A large hammer ?
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    I'm playing rated games with Deep Fritz 13 and I have Elo rating 1800 for now. But I wonder what type of Elo ranking is it? That algorithm used by FIDE or something else?

    I see my second rating too, marked as R with dash above, and that ranking is about 100 point lower. I'm totally lost :-(

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    My rating is not increased or decreased since last 10 games , what is the reason? How can i resolve this problem?

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