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Chess Stereotypes.

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    Nearly everyone I've met, even people who play the game.
    I think it's ignorant, but in a consious way.
    People sterotyping chess players probably know they are wrong but they don't care.
    It's easy to make fun of something you know nothing of.
    I don't care about the stereotyping. I haven't had any negative responses to my hobby

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    Lol, dude, I had a situation when few morons looked at me and commented: "ha, he read books!!!!!" Like I was growing huge man eating, terrorist, venom, fire spitting plant or something! Nothing is different when it's about chess. My favourite is "chess is borring"! But that comes from same people who told me that books are borring. I have many inteligent friends who dont play chess becouse they dont have patience,time or something else, but they fully understand chess and they know that it is far from borring.

    Retards who dont understand that, and who believe that nerdy is to get your brain moving, they dont deserve to play this game.

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    Yeah i agree

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    Surprisingly, no..

    Actually the girls i tell that i play chess make a comment like "i love chess" or "interestin" or "you must be smart then"..and even the people who said it's boring which is rare..they said it in "it's only my opinion though" way.

    When i was a beginner, i had my doubts and sometimes i considered chess as aboring game, but after studying it more, i find it now as a passionate game with a lot of fun and emotions in it.

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    i dunno...

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    Streptomicin wrote:

     My favourite is "chess is boring"! But that comes from same people who told me that books are boring.

    enough said.

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    There was a very active director/organizer in Virginia some years ago, he always had a pocket protector - the little vinyl insert for shirt pockets which hold the pens and pencils to prevent damage to the fabric.  I used to tell him, "You should stop feeding the stereotype!"

    After a few such rebukes at tournaments, he finally answered, "Would you consider large ink leak on my shirt a preferable stereotype?"

    Had me there.

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    TetraAge wrote:

    I'm a chess player and I still make fun of chess nerds.


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    "Those who play chess are smart" is another popular stereotype. I don't tell nonplayers that it is not true. I won't betray my fellow chess players Cool

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    Mandy711 wrote:

    "Those who play chess are smart" is another popular stereotype.

    True, I saw recently videoclip to some disco song where some guy talked with a girl. There was chessbord next to him (like he is smart or something). When I looked closely i saw errors in starting position :) knights was on C- and F-file etc. It was funny Cool


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