Chess Stunts



1) Rebounding:

If you place your finger on the nose of a Knight and snap it down into the board just right, the piece will rebound to a standing position. Now try doing it with two Knights at once. Finally, do it using the four fingers of one hand to rebound all the Knights into a standing position.

Now that you can rebound Knight noses try doing it with all the other pieces. Rooks can actually do flips! Kings and Queens are hardest as they tend to topple over easily.

2) Stacking: 

A Queen can be stacked upsidedown on a Rook or right side up on three pawns. A King can stand on two Knights facing each other. Bishops are almost impossible to stack things on. How high can you stack your chess pieces?

3) Pawn Football:

The object is to 'kick' a pawn from one edge of the board so that it is partially over the opposite edge of the board.

4) Quick Jumps:

Pawns are arranged around a 3x3 portion of the chess board and a king is placed in the center. The object is to see how many Knight jumps you can do in a clockwise direction in 5 seconds.


I like the idea of "pawn football", a combination of two of my favorite games!
There was a scene on "Searching for Bobby Fischer" where Josh stacked up a bunch of pieces. Some were dangling on the corners of others even. Very cool. Does anyone have a picture of that? I'd love to see it and recreate it.


Look what I found!!! 

That is roughly the 23rd coolest thing I have seen in my life.
tonightonly7 wrote: That is roughly the 23rd coolest thing I have seen in my life.

 How strange that you would rank that exactly where I did.


Very nice stack! I better get practicing, heh :-)


How much glue was used on that stack?  Tongue out


It's nice to see one of Pawnshover's old posts reactivated.  It's a shame he's no longer playing here.  Does anybody who remembers him know why he pulled out?