Chess TV moderator abuse?


       "There was no warning, no explanation, just deleted my comment and 60 min ban.  I literally said "Some genius scientists predict that we will have a 1 world government, or at least most countries will be involved, in less than 30 years" there was zero profanity or offensive language (as far as I can deduce)  Maybe my comment was provocative but... really... was the mod's behavior justified"?          Since I cannot speak for the admin in question, my opinion is that your comment was deleted not as abuse but rather 75 yr old jibberish because you didn't put the timeline into context. The "genious scientist" in question was Albert Einstein and his statement was made in 1940. He was refering to overt nationalism and the atrocities he saw in Germany. He was in agreement with The League of Nations in 1919, and the creation of The United Nations in 1945.