why is (the only website i have this problem with) so slow?  

My primary complaint is bullet chess:

1.  constant lag

2.  pieces unresponsive when i move them

2.  pieces not moving (yes #2 deserves repeat)

3.  premoves never work...usually about a second for mine

4.  time spent on moves is not reflected on the clock

my network is fine, and my computer is fine. is not fast enough to play bullet.  how is it that I can play online video games, which are a billion times more complicated, with no problems but when I want to play chess I can't even get the pieces to move. oh, and btw, I tried to bring this up in help and support chat, but guess was slow and unresponsive. 


And it even took 10 minutes for someone to respond to this 


Responses times seem to be improving though.

Lux-in-tenebris - slow site. Its a real truth! want to be #1 in world. But need change site engine for speed.

Now #1 in world, I think - [Removed by Moderator - Please don't promote competing chess sites] Why? Go there and you'l understand all. - fallback for me only.


thanks ill check it out


Yes, very often, the site is unusable in blitz games, must improve a lot.


if  you look on my site   you  will see i have played  thousands of  blitz  games  , my  rating  online  and  for longer games  are around 1600  and 1700 , i don't cheat  but  never  ever  do i win on one min games  no  i don't  get checkmated i simply  run out of time  and i play  fast  with with  careful opening in pre move  sure i have fallen for  a few of the quick mates because of  pre move  but i have  come to believe i have  grown  with  thousands of  games on one min , like i said i don't  cheat  i don't use  a engine  and i don't  apply any  tricks to my clock  but here is what i think , i used to feel  that  my problem was with playing  cheaters  , but  i don't  feel that way  any longer  , i honestly feel it is  that is at  fault  , i don't know if they improve  your clock speed  as  a member , but i feel it is  a possibility  , like they are in control of  these games more than i want to admit  , before  i say  any more  , i run  my computer  direct to  the modem , i don't have  any other apps or programs on  and i use  both a chess clock and  stop watch  and i have others watch my time and   the  challengers yep  my clock is so off  sometimes by 12  to 15  secs  no i don't get lag   so... i stopped blaming  cheaters  i blame  for  controlling this  aspect of the  games 


thousands  ... meaning  over 11,ooo games 


Amphetamines might help.


Relax. It's not that bad. Just slow down. Help is on its way.




this didnt use to be so slow for me. . . wtf happened. . .


its extremely slow because the cheap bastards wont increase their bandwith budget, servers cant handle the amount of traffic.


Yeah, I'm sure that for want of relatively cheap bandwidth they'd let their flagship offering falter.


           I'm typing as fast as I can, and then it gets posted 2 yrs ago.

RonaldJosephCote wrote:

           I'm typing as fast as I can, and then it gets posted 2 yrs ago.

Whoa! Time travel!


Someone should do a comparison of chess sites.  Measure latency, bandwidth, and cpu cycles.

shankris2012 is always slow ......they never bother to improve it......


Horrendous lag, I don't know what to do and it is frustrating when I'm in the middle of a blitz game and all of a sudden everything lags except for my ticker.