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Chess.com speaks about fair play !?!?!

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    Ubik42 wrote:

    Do they have the word "Troll" in French?

    And yes, this post receieves my vote for dumbest post of the day.

    Same vote for me. And yes, "troll" is translated by "troll".


    I suggest that players should be forced to ask a rematch every time they lose a game, be forced to rematch each time they win, and the draw should be removed and replaced by a black win. Anyone not complying with this rule, or criticizing it on the forums should be IP-banned for two months.

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    What if your opponent is sneaking a game at work and doesn't have time for a rematch?

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    I never ask for a rematch and almost never accept one. IMHO any claims of rematch aficionados about etiquette, morals and fairness are absolutely ridiculous.

    However here is an idea - chess.com could implement an option to create open challenge for a match of N games where N is a number between 2 and 10 for example. May be it will be of some interest in addition to single games and tournaments.

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    In a real world, no one one-round-robin (or something?!) tournament does have a rematch option...

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    Ubik42 ha scritto:

    If I beat you, once, I will savor the victory and forevermore avoid playing you again, ever, I will block you, or abort games, whatever it takes, as long as I can take my one victory against you and carry it with me to the grave.

    You, sir, are my hero

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    my view is that some ppl are like gamblers with their chess...if only they can play again they'll win big. The only reason to be frustrated with a loss is if you don't learn from it. If it we start forcing ppl to accept all rematches, imagine a world with Olympics year round! Or American elections! 


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