TM League 2012


Hi Chess.commers,

Calling all teams & groups.

If you would like to enter your team/group into the TM League 2012 then,please,check out this site and register yourself and your team/groupSmile.

Thank you,

wallyjackCool (On behalf of the admins of this league).


Here's the link:


Thanks,Balachandar,forgot to post that,mate!!!Embarassed Early Alzheimer's!!!Laughing


Thanks Mike!!!

There are limited spaces left in this Team Match League.  The next 3 teams will fill it up, unless we get 8 or so entries in the next 2-3 days, so enter soon or risk missing the action.

What's a team match league, you might ask?  Groups of about 250 or more members register to play team matches against one another.  The teams are organized into sections of 4 teams.  Each team then plays matches against each of the other 3 teams in the section.  We divide the ratings up so there are matches for <1500, 1500-1899, and 1900+; each match needs 5 or more players.  At the end of 3 months, the scores in the matches are taken and the top 2 teams in each section advance to the next round, where they are re-seeded into sections of 4 and again play matches against 3 teams.

With up to 16 teams there are 3 rounds to the tournament -- 16->8; 8->4; 4->champions.  More than 16 teams extends the action to another round -- which means more chess for you.  Laughing

If you're a SA/Admin you can join the group posted by Balachandar and register your team(s).  If you're not an admin, and you want your team to participate, then contact your group's leaders.  The only restriction is that we ask World League teams to focus on that competition instead.

Will your team be one of the elite?

Here's that link again, with a bit more emphasis since the new site made things a little too subdued.



OK, that's just not fair at all.  The forum ate the link!  Yell

DaveShack wrote:

OK, that's just not fair at all.  The forum ate the link!

Yes, I noticed several times with this new format. While posting a news in my group, if you highlight the link with some colours, it disappears.