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chessmaster insulting to 1590 rating?!

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    could anyone please tell where i can find more puzzeles and that could improve my tactics ........And what is chess master ..........and also which is best chess book to increase your rating

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    NKT73 wrote:

    God, Jesus Christ, is number one!hehe  Well...  now that we have that settled for all times.  You can find puzzles in many places.  What I have found helpful and free is that you can set up a situation on your own chess-board and ask how you can solve it.  It is kind of reverse engineering.  If you are looking for commercial onces, you can buy a fun game called "Chessmaster 10th Edition".  It has random puzzles you can solve and helps you to get better at chess.  Also Chess Classic 4.0 for XP also has puzzles of the day.  Make sure you get the XP version though since the Mac version does not have the puzzle of the day at this point in time.  I believe ChessTempo.com also has free puzzles to improve your tactics.  The best books to increase your ratings are all of them.  You can gain something from those that have gone before you.  This is just my honest helpful humble opinion#!!hehe

    I think you should choose chessmaster 11 if you go with the chessmaster solution. there may be nearly no difference but the Art of Learning training part added is very great.

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    I love the Waitzkin videos.  Even if players on the low end struggle to understand his ideas, Josh's style of narration makes it fun to watch and learn.  I find as my chess gets stronger, I can appreciate his videos in a whole new way.

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    Playing against computers is a terrible waste of your time.

    All you learn is either "death by a thousand cuts," or they make dumb moves and lose. Either way, very unsatisfying.

    Use engines for playing over, and analyzing, your regular games against other humans. Then lots of new ideas (and corrections) will jump out at you.  Those are the kinds of practical insights that will strengthen your play.


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