Chessmaster vs. engine

Ryan390 wrote:

I'm not familiar with that chess school, but it sounds pretty interesting though.

Just get Chess Master Grandmaster Edition and go through the entire thing, then play through some of Chess Mentors strategy courses. If you do this you will find some of the answers to your questions, and grow in confidence and skill.

Everything I've learnt so far has come from Chess Master, in only 8 weeks I've grown at a silly rate.

One thing I noticed when I played the Match the Masters sessions, was that when you were confronted with the possibility of 8 different moves that seemed really good to choose from, you ended up using them all. It was the order you chose to play them end that is the key to winning. The program would help you to see why each move was the right one. When you are under the gun in your own games, it isn't always easy to see this so clearly.


That's why I'd recommend just doing what I posted above. Trust me you won't go wrong.

Also, if you'd like to play we can play and analyse the board afterwards, it may help somewhat. Its not easy picking the 'best move' all the time, else everyone would be grandmasters. Wink 

Just enjoy the learning process and give Chess Master Grandmaster edition a try.

Excactly! The best large and big voice supported interactive tutorial course I experienced. You can test your skills in interesting singleplayer tournaments starting from school tournaments to club tournament and more.

Just curious: what specific engine does use? Anyone know?