Combining Poker rules with Chess or bluffing, ect


hello i was thinking what it would be like if your opponent could bluff or call in chess or maybe DENY your opponent 3 times for moving a certain way. say his/her is white and the first move is the pawn to whatever, you say no, so they have to choose a different opening. you each get 3 move denys a game.

this could be used as a handicap for better players, say i get 5 move denies and my opponent gets zero if they are far better than me


denying moves has two problems...

1. it is super overpowered and can be abused when there is only 1 good move.

2. what if you deny the only move.


Sounds interesting!

This would ruin chess

Don't think it will work well in chess.


To be honest, I don't really like this idea, as it doesn't seem fair at all, but I ain't the best chess player. I really wish to have someone with who to play chess daily, but everyone is always busy. 


It would just be a race to be the first person to attack the c pawn with a bishop and deny queen takes or take the f pawn with the queen and deny king takes. Sort of closer to the atomic chess variant