Common rating plateaus

MrDamonSmith wrote:

Thanx, I like reading your stuff on here. I haven't read your books but am curious about your Center Counter one. Where can I get it?

It is Center Counter Uprising.  When it was published, it was mostly new theory.  It is still available on Amazon

While that theory is still intact there are several books which are larger and more up to date on theory.  So I would suggest one of those.


I started winning my first game. Then I lost a few games then I won a few games. Some of my friends sya its just a computer one is playing. NOT R E A L people. They have a good laugh when I say I am playing REAL people. But they say they have played on and "They" let you win a couple of games. And then the computer kicks in and you go down,down down to about 800 without winning another game. And if you're sane then you quit


Unless you enjoy playing computer ieCoolPlease be relevant, helpful & nice!


I think the most common plateau is 1150-1250 blitz rating here. By the sheer numbers of people that are at that level. 


Once you get over 1300 blitz, even though you're still just a 'decent' beginner, you're statistically better than a significant majority of all players on Get to 1550, and you're already better than 90% of all blitz players on


I think 1150-1250 blitz rating is the most common plateau as well, as that's the level that entry level tournament players start showing up at. With 'normal' talent, I think you can just play a lot of casual games and creep up to 1250, but you have to start studying more seriously (tactics, etc.) to continue to improve after that. 


Of course, there are talented folks that get a lot better than 1250 without serious study (some even 2100+) but they're rare, judging by statistics.