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Computer Assistance in Online Chess at Chess.com

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    Hi Folks!

    I actually play matches with two guys who have a rating at live chess far below 1000. They play really cruel chess. But at Online Chess the are real chess wizards, making nearly no mistakes. On guy has an online rating of 1800, the other 1948!!!

    That really p..... me off, becaue i know, i have no chance versus them.

    i dont wanna play a whole match against a computer

    I dont know, why these "players" or better program users are so eager to let a machine win chess games for them?

    Can anybody tell me, if computer assistance is allowed at chess.com?

    Thanks alot for your feedback!

    Best Regards

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    its funny how chess.com bans people who dont cheat but doesnt ban people who do cheat. I do thank chess.com for making me into an intermediate player but if you want to move to the GM level go to ICC or playchess.com. Icc has lectures from Kamsky, Akobian, Svidler, yasser Seriwan and also offer simulation to the first 30 players everyday with GM's. Playchess.com has super GM's playing everyday rated over 2700 FIDE-  Short, Kasparov, Mcshane, topalov, Leko, and Rajabov.

    Chess.com please show respect and remember paying customers are always right

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    Submit a ticket if you believe you have been cheated (be reasonable though).


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    It's not allowed. If you look through the rules it's in there, but I must say it's not said explicitly on sign up, which would be better. You can use theory but you can't actually check your moves with an engine. An engine user with a rating of 1950 is of course ridiculous. Maybe this person is using a 20 year old machine from a flea market? The ratings here are quite generous. It should be no problem at all to get to 2300-2400 rating or up if you're cheating.

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