Correspondence chess to live chess



I have been playing on here for a few years, mainly on correspondence games. I am finding I am terrible at live games, I make loads of mistakes and am currently playing at around 750-800 on a 15 min game. In correspondence chess I play at about 1250 at the moment but I have timed out of a lot of games over the last few years and so I think I actually play at about 1400 in correspondence. I use analysis in my long games and I think this isn't helping me to be able to visualise a few moves ahead when I play live. I also feel quite under pressure due to the clock so end up making moves too quick. I just wanted some advice on what I should do to improve my 'seeing ahead' as I have become far too reliant on analysis in my longer games. Also some advice on transitioning from longer games to live games against the clock.

Many thanks,



Jamie your going to hate what i say, but....Practice.

The more you play the more comfortable you will be eventually.

You will get use to it and your rating will get better :)