Counter-check when in check


In one of my blitz games I arrived in this very tense situation playing the white pieces I opponent is in check. Now my question is whether the move Rf7+ is legal for black in this position? The computer points out the move kg7 as the best move which is of course still winning totally winning for white. I am just curious because I've been playing chess for quite a while and thought I knew all the chess rules until I found myself in this situation.

Hopefully you can give me some input. My first thought is that it seems perfectly legal?


A normal legal move, why would it not be.


The white rook is maybe on d1, because the black queen is hanging in that variant.


Look at post #6.


Perfectly legal, because by moving to f7 the rook interposes itself and releases the black king from check. Black's only other legal moves are to interpose the e-pawn (useless) or to move the king away.  Either way, his queen is dead meat. 


Dead Meat


The basic question seems to be: can you put your opponent in check in the same move where you remove yourself from check?  Obviously, the answer is yes!


As legal as 1. e4


A normal legal move