Just so that you all know, us cats never give a rematch ! dudes don’t bother to ask for one ! .....OK ! .....have a nice weekend ✌️😹
Crispy2BA wrote:
Anonymous_Dragon wrote:
Crispy2BA wrote:

If you come across a player named "x", don't play the coward. He needs to be removed from

What happened ? And you aren't supposed to name and shame anyone publicly. That's against the community guidelines.

I played him 8 or 9 times (I won the first 8), and on the last game, I mouse slipped my queen and then he called me a "retard" and didn't accept a rematch. People like him need to be removed.

Yeah what he did was wrong... By the way a bit of advice.... whenever anything such happens do take a screenshot and store it with u. It might be useful sometimes.


I see more whiners than cowards.