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creating a game

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    When I try to set a game up with a friend it keeps telling they are unavailable for live games. Am I doing something wrong?
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    Your friend has to be in the Live interface, either on the web or on the app at the time you issue your challenge. They also have to allow incoming challenges and may also need to have it configured to allow your rating in their range. Not 100% sure on the latter if they are on your friend list but if they are not, then that matters.

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    Thanks for that, we are of a similar rating and even when they are online it still tells me the same. Also when I go to watch it tells me no friends are playing when I know they are
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    If they are in a game in Live you wouldn't be able to challenge them. But the main thing is they have to be in Live, not just logged into the site.

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    Ok thanks very much
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    Can you tell me why I can't watch their games?
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    What happens when you try?

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    It just tells me no friends are playing
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    Are you on the app or website? It is very possible not friends are playing a game of Live, even if they are in Live.

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    I'm on the app and so are they, it's the free app do we need to upgrade?
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    I see you are upgraded to diamond

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