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delete button for alerts

  • #1

    Has anyone else experience a disappearance of the delete button for alerts? Only archive is visible now and I cleared my cache.

  • #2

    Yes, I noticed that days ago.

  • #3

    I also noticed you cannot delete messages anymore, only archive them.. ugh!

  • #4

    I emailed the staff about this and told it was unacceptable to have an "archive" only button.  The Admin person said that will likely be how it is from now on, as this was the decision of the CEO........very disappointed in chess.com for going this route.

  • #5

    Yes, it's chess.com's way of taking away our freedoms.

    I also noticed that there is no way to stop those stupid monthly Master's Bulletin advertisements from being delivered to my inbox. Maybe someone knows how to stop them from being sent to me?



  • #6

    It looks like the delete button is back now.


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