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Descisions, Descisions

  • #1

    Which do you prefer, being white or black.

    Do you like open or closed games?

    Which are better bishops or knights?

    I enjoy bishops in open games while I'm white. What do you like? 

  • #2

    1. I like playing as Black.

    2. I like a combination of the two.

    3. I like Knights better.


  • #3

    1. I like playing as white as then no-one can differentiate from 1. e4 Laughing

    2. Closed games are horrible, I can never find any moves!

    3. Bishops are better overall, and especially so nearer the end and in open positions.

  • #4

    i like playing as white

    i like open games like 1.d4

    overall i like both

  • #5

    I prefer white atm. I don't have a preference for open or closed games. Knights in closed/semi closed position, or in an endgame with pawns on the same side of the board, or when defense or attack of a single square is needed, however I like a bishop more in all of the other situations.

  • #6

    I like closed games, cramped.

    I like too play as white.

    And I prefer Bishops to Knights.


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