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Diamond membership titled player

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    Still mystified.

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    Planet, maybe you are not aware of what happened and how I did not get my over the board title?

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    Conflagration_Planet wrote:

    Still mystified.


    Really chess.com should give ponz111 free membership even if he doesn't manage to get his NM title, due to the exceptional circumstances. 

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    NO NO I never said anything of the kind!  I do not think Chess.com should give me a free membership.  Where did you get that idea?  Because I was unfortunate does not mean that I think Chess.com or anyone else should give me a free membership. In fact, some kind person offered me a free membership and I turned it down. [with much thanks for the offer of course]

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    It would be nice if they would give me a free membership but certainly they do not owe me a free membership and certainly they would have to change their way of doing things around to do so.


    That is why I am taking the current gamble--to try an obtain the over the board title.

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    I wasn't saying they owe you one. I was saying that if there is a good person on the staff they should give you one, because you clearly should have the NM title, and only didn't get it due to a bad TD. But I hope you are successful in finding other players from that tournament.

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    Ok, thank you. I missread or misunderstood what you were saying.

    [actually there were two tournaments in a row and close together where I scored 4-0 out of 4 games]

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    These are the tournaments where the TD didn't turn in the crosstables because he didn't do well... right?

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    Yes, that is correct and both tournaments I won 4 zip after obtaining a USCF rating of 2188 [which I still have--same rating]

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    Ponz maybe try here too http://www.uschess.org/forums/

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    I live too far from Chicago.  However there is a player who I am helping to bring up his USCF rating and a two game match with him in the future is possible as he will come to my home and with my disabilities I cannot drive or barely walk.  He and I also play progressive chess in my home.

    The problem with anyone else is they would have to come to my home. So maybe I can get him up to 2200-2300 in a couple of years before I croak?

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    Will also use that USCF website if I can find and old chess life.


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    I am encouraged as I played a couple of standard games at my home vs a good player and won.  But then my diagnosis of being senile and some brain damage make me wonder if I could win...

    [being diagnosed as "senile"  more than a year ago is not as bad as when I was previously diagnosed as having Alzheimers]

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    ponz111 wrote:

    Planet, maybe you are not aware of what happened and how I did not get my over the board title?

    Have now read other thread. Clear now.


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