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DID any1 ever win chess againts the computer??

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    I never did.I got close a few times.I stealmated him once.But never did.So did any1 hear beat him??? prob. Chessq or Batgirl did.If you did,How did u do it????

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    Hey Peek,

    What program are you playing against? And if it has setting options, what do you have them set to (such as rating, positional knowledge, tactical knowledge, etc)?

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    If you're talking about the computer here, I only win on hardest when it plays 1. e4 e5 (I'm white).
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    Yah,,over here.SO hard some times it feels impossible.
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    I've actually not given it a try yet.  I'll have to take a swing at it shortly Laughing
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    ohh,you should it's very hard very very
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    hey i found a tactic that wins every time no matter what the computer is programmed to play the same moves based on what you play and its on hard medium and easy that i found a strategy ill post it later ill post the annotations later
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    I beat him on easy pretty consistantly so I graduated myself to medium and hit a wall. I can't beat the darn thing on medium. I play white. The computer is really good at forking you with its knights, or maybe I am just bad at staying out of putting myself in those positions. Any tips for getting better against knights? I've probably played the computer on medium about 400 times and no wins (pathetic huh?)
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    Knights aren't very useful in Open games, so if you can force to an Open game with your opening, give that a try.  Bishops are valuable in Opens, so work on trading your knights for it's bishops.


    Also, take some time every day (or as often as you can) to familiarize yourself with Knight moves a bit more.  Do a search for the article "Rapid Chess Improvement - 400 Points in 400 days" and download the PDF (if you use Yahoo search, it's the first result). Follow the first recommendations from it.  I know it sounds tedious, but you'll be surprised how quickly you'll start to see knight forks way ahead of time after you've practiced some. 

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    hey the way i win is if you play white use the annotation 1.b3,then he will go Nc6 then you go Bb2 then he will go Nf6 he uses that to stop a way to checkmate it because you can use your night and queen to force a check mate after he castles with that
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    Thanks for the tips nyarlathotep, I already notice an improvement when I play the computer, only problem is whenever I play it to where I have the upper hand it just keeps doing the same counter move over and over (no draw on 3rd repeat- mentioned in another post). Hopefully when/if they get a better computer opponent it will have that function. Hopefully with your tips I will force a win soon.
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    i did, go to game analysis to see. 

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    i won like 50 times against a computer

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    Sk8ter im talking about over here the computer.On chess.com.Lol i also won other computers,who didnt??  :)
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    Sweet i just had a draw with ppc here.We both kept on moving the same pices back and forth.In the end it said like e2-.. whatever so it's a draw  that made me feel very good :).
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    2 times on easy on same day. I was pround of myself because I rarely beat any comp because i loose focus. I moved to medium and i was like a dying pac-man

    waga-waga beew-weew-weew boop-boop-boop...... DEAD!!!!!!

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    I've won on hard once so far, must have played 20+ games. It's too bad that they dont' keep the move list. Though I can't seem to win again..
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    i have, but only a handfull of times on easy.  good place to test openings

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