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Did deep blue vs kasparov create a false paradigm of computer superiority?

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    I believe the deep blue matches were fraudulent (changing engine mid match, human intervention etc), propelling computers into a superior position before they had truly arrived to that position.  Once players believe they cannot win, that becomes a self fulfilling outcome.  If you believe you can't win, you won't win!  They say humans only use a fraction of the brains potential, so if there is untapped potential, wouldn't that give hope that we can play better than we have heretofore?


    Remember, they said a 4 minute mile was impossible, but once that barrier was broken, soon after multiple humans achieved the same feat!

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    Since there are now engines that you can download free that can whip your _, Deep Blue is irrelevant now.

    Why people keep discussing and debating something that happened years ago is beyond me. Who cares? Try to live now, okay?

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    The answer to the forum question is "no"

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    is it possible to rebuild that deep blue and have another blue v kasparov match?

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    superman0101 wrote:

    probably not

    the real question is, are we gonna see a carlsen v komodo...



    carlsen vs deep junior!

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    Carlsen would have no chance against Komodo.
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    You've heard of Moore's Law and there have been a number of 18 month cycles since the match.  Silicon brains are smarter than carbon brains now, but carbon brains have one last thing going for them; unpredictable irrationality.


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