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Disband Team

  • #1

    Hi. I started a team, but it's not working out as the few members are really active at all. I want to disband the team. How do I do it?


  • #2

    I don't think you can. . .

    I tried and I don't know how either

  • #3

    Thanks anyway, manspider29.

  • #4

    I'm about 90% sure that staff has to do it for you.  You could try the help and support forum, but your best bet is probably to file a ticket:


  • #5

    Eulalio- I can help you out :) Let me know what team it is. 

  • #6

    Thanks, jac1yn. It's called "The Tao of Chess".

  • #7

    There are currently in progress team matches and votechess matches for that team, so I can't disable the group right now. Let me know when those are finished and I'd be happy to help. 

  • #8

    Thanks, jac1yn. Will do.

  • #9

    oh ok, thanks!! I'll file a ticket too

  • #10

    Okay, jac1yn, all team matches are now done. Please disband the team.




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