do i really need to be spending 5 hours a day on chess in order to improve


Dear Krazeechess,

I am a certified, full-time chess coach, so I hope I can help you. happy.png No, you don't have to train 5 hours per day, you can improve with 1 hour per day as well, the point is being consistent and learn regularly. Let me tell you my thoughts about the right training method. happy.png Everybody is different, so that's why there isn't only one general way to learn. First of all, you have to discover your biggest weaknesses in the game and start working on them. The most effective way for that is analysing your own games. Of course, if you are a beginner, you can't do it efficiently because you don't know too much about the game yet. There is a built-in engine on which can show you if a move is good or bad but the only problem that it can't explain you the plans, ideas behind the moves, so you won't know why is it so good or bad

You can learn from books or Youtube channels as well, and maybe you can find a lot of useful information there but these sources are mostly general things and not personalized at all. That's why you need a good coach sooner or later if you really want to be better at chess. A good coach can help you with identifying your biggest weaknesses and explain everything, so you can leave your mistakes behind you. Of course, you won't apply everything immediately, this is a learning process (like learning languages), but if you are persistent and enthusiastic, you will achieve your goals. happy.png

In my opinion, chess has 4 main territories (openings, strategies, tactics/combinations and endgames). If you want to improve efficiently, you should improve all of these skills almost at the same time. That's what my training program is based on. My students really like it because the lessons are not boring (because we talk about more than one areas within one lesson) and they feel the improvement on the longer run. Of course, there are always ups and downs but this is completely normal in everyone's career. happy.png

I hope this is helpful for you. happy.png  Good luck for your games! happy.png

No, not necessarily- you can become a master with just an hour of practice a day minimum for a year- it depends on what you study or practice the most. That’s all

“do i really need to be spending 5 hours a day on chess in order to improve”

Short answer: No, it’s the exact opposite.

long answer: