Do you prefer playing chess live or online?


I was just curious to see if you prefer to play chess in real life with a person or if some of you would rather play online.  I could see pros and cons with both: online, it's usually easier to find an opponent and play on your schedule, but there's something about playing with a real person that's cool too.  Thoughts?


I haven't played against live people much (just dead ones ;)). I don't actually like the experience. I find it a bit too intense. But that says something about my personality I suppose. I'm also prone to making mistakes in that kind of situation. I don't actually like playing live chess online much either. I prefer correspondence type chess, which is why I find my iPhone a revelation, being able to play on the go, whenever I want.


It's all cool.  Although I suffer from the same problem when the clock is on me.  I'd rather take my time.  I got quite good at that over the years but I'm hopeless at blitz and live Chess.   


Live chess , it keeps you sharp ,


I feel like I can put my near 100% concentration only to a live opponent. Everything else seems not to matter. :/


Live chess and traditional correspondence chess by snail mail 


OTB comes first and online I like both Correspondance and live equally, depends on my mood.


Depends, for live chess OTB is much better than playing a live chess game here. But I like the turn based here though.

alec945x wrote:

Live chess and traditional correspondence chess by snail mail 

That's very interesting!  How many correspondence games do you have going at a time through snail mail?




OTB, without a doubt.


Only OTB gives me the real feeling of playing chess. But since most of the time I don't have somebody to play with, both live and online are decent substitutes.

Turn-based chess also helps you improve by letting you ponder more over your moves.


Live.  I LOVE the feel of grabbing a nice, heavy piece and setting it down in its intended square, followed by the *CLICK* of hitting the clock. 

Super cool.


Over the board is awesome, because of the new factors added into the game, such as intimidation and having to acctually hit the clock.

ChessJam7 wrote: 

That's very interesting!  How many correspondence games do you have going at a time through snail mail?

I've got 6 games going on by post I prefer it over the turned based game the pace is much slower there's no pressure to blitz the games out and postal cc players follow a code of honor and sportsmanship turned based players don't.

I don't mind paying for stamps and cards to avoid the b.s. going on in the online game.


Live chess has no point; you are playing bullet games which do not allow you to improve on your strategy and tactics; rather, it's making you practise how to do pre-moves.

Online chess makes me learn better. You have the freedom of time to think about your next move, so that if you win, you win with some skill and not just the timeouts. If you lose, you lose to someone who has used skill and you can learn from him.

But, definitely, what could beat OTB? You can feel the tension since your opponent is right in front of you, and of course, you have to hit the clock with the hand which moved the piece. Oh heart's palpitating right now...


online, but live is growing on me!


I like Vote and Live Chess because they are slower then OTB, and are helping me to break some of my bad chess habits as I'm starting to play a different style of chess. I like OTB chess pressure because it makes the game challenging, and anyone may win because of a psychological advantage; therefore, I like all types of chesss as each brings a different enjoyment to my chess playing


either i do enjoy live chess when you can see the whites of your is ok if you have nobody to play against. turn chess if you like all three have something to offer. just enjoy and improve your games chess is great.david


OTB is the only way to go, cos it's the only way you can get to play the best - what's more, if you're havin' a good day or two, they'll actually pay you for it ! Laughing