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Does Rybka 4 with chessbase interface have infinite analysis like Aquarium?

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    Please help!

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    Add kibitzer

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    sorry but what's kibitzer?

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    please post and help!

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    Usually all GUIs have infinite analysis, so I am pretty sure Rybka 4 does too.

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    Thanks ogerboy, that really helps. But it would be nice if I could get a definite answer.

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    of course Rybka 4 will have infinite analysis...

    its a UCI, programmed to automatically infinately analyze

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    thanks jaberer

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    OMG Willis!! Kibitzer is the engine that I gave you!! It is called a Kibitzer!!Cry

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    Kibitzer is just the realtime analyzer of a chess game at a particular position.

    What you should look into is the game analysis feature where you let a chess engine (built-in Fritz or Rybka or any other UCI engine that you install such as Shredder or Stockfish) analyze whole games for blunders and improvements. The depth of the analysis can be customized depending on how long you want the engine to work on your games.

    Make sure that you've set your best opening books and largest tablebases. The engine can take advantage of those during the analysis as well to focus the number-crunching in the middlegame.

    For me, this is the true worth of the program.

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    Thanks everyone for your help.


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