Does taking a break from chess do anything to you skill/rating?


As the days have gone by and distractions have erupted I haven't played chess in quite awhile due to various reasons. It made me wonder if taking a break is bad for your chess skill or does it just make you better when you come back?

This question has haunted me since the dawn time, stalking me through all my dreams and thoughts as I made my way through my life, whether I was reading, writing, eating, or biking, I couldn't shake this formidable question which was latched firmly onto my mind.

So I come to you, chess community, for guidance and knowledge. Tell me your thoughts, theories, and thanos quotes. I will try to read every one from the last to the first in alphabetical order as a mathematician always does. 

However, if I find any comments not relating to this subject in the comment section my wrath will be like that never seen before, you will pale and tremble before my formidable might, trembling and convulsing uncontrollably you will struggle to escape, but to no avail, I will find you and hunt you down never resting until I find your password to your account and delete it. 

You have been warned


I think taking a break every once in awhile is good?


In boxing there's a thing called "ring rust".

If you take a break and come back and see things with new eyes, that's an improvement, for anything.

Idk if u mean like in the long term but I played when I was 5 a lot, then I stopped and I started again at around 12 and my rating almost doubled I would say, but then again, I got a lot older since then, but I regret taking a break from chess so dont stop ;)

I think taking a break helps you get rid of tunnel vision, and is healthy.