Doping in Chess

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    apiercy wrote:

    Chess doping? Really? Pls supply me with a list of substances that make me smarter!!

    A man was watching a guy chewing apple's seeds.

    - what are you doing?

    - I'm chewing apple's seeds.

    - Why?

    - They make me smarter.

    - That's great! Give me five seeds.

    - I'll sell you five seeds for 50$

    The man eventually bought the seeds and started to chew them with great passion... After a while

    - Hey guy! I bought five seeds for 50$. If I had bought 50$ of apples I'd have had many more seeds!!!

    - Hey man, you look smarter now!

    - You're right! They worked!! Sell me another five seeds!

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    Yes please.

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    Must remember to eat more apple seeds! 

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    Doping to chess is like Red Bull to Nakamura... Inevitable... learn to live with it!

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