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Drawing Houdini 2 playing at 2200 strength?

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    I was playing Houdini 2 and I put it on 2200 playing strength.  I figured it would kick my butt but I wanted to test some opening lines that I had put together for either 1. e4 or 1. d4.  It was set to G/90.  I spent some time thinking on most moves but some I did not.  I ended up being 2 pawns ahead at the end (even though I was about to lose at least 1 when I ended up offering the draw.  The only reason I offered the draw was that I had a something that took up most of my time and had me down to only 9 minutes to play so I clicked the draw button since I would not be able to finish.   Anyway, my USCF rating is 1484 and I kinda feel that drawing Houdini 2 at 2200 is not very acurate so I wondered if anyone else had any insight into this.  Below is my game, I was playing the black pieces.



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