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Hi All, 

I have researched and know this question has been asked before, but the most recent answer I can find is 2011 and I know things with technology move on faster than I do. 

I have a new Nook Simple Touch e reader (given free by a supplier)), but the (old) reviews seem to indicate that you cannot play through chess games on it.  (In other words if I buy the book, I can play through the moves in the book on screen)   

I would only use the e reader for chess purposes, and believe this capability is built into the Kindle.  

Does anyone have experience of chess books on the Nook, or would you buy a Kindle (or similar) for the books.  

Having never owned or used an e reader I would appreciate advice on best for chess books models.  The kids keep asking what I want for Christmas,  hopefully with your help I will be able to shock them with an answer as  I still have last years supply of Toblerone in the fridge Undecided


Thank you for your answer.  If I understand what you are saying correctly, then neither the Kindle nor the Nook will do what I want which is to be able to read chess books (for example on journeys) without the need to set up a set and play through different variations.  I get lost in some long variations when I try to play through them in my head so need a set handy.   If The kindle nor Nook do not solve the dilema is there anything on the market that does ?  (Thanks again) 


On Android, there is an app called Chess Book Study, that lets you read a pdf side by side with a pgn viewer. It also has analysis engines built in. It's the closest thing to what you are looking for that I can think of. There is also an ipad version.


There is an app for chess on the e-ink kindles as well as the kindle fire tablets, I use it and it is quite nice.

otherwise kindles can be jailbroken, though all the newest ones need to be taken apart, and you can install pbchess, which is a very nice program that supports loading .pgn files and downloading tactics from a tactics server that the dev hosts.


Also .azw3 books support some complex stuff, there was one I got that had crossword puzzles that were interactive.


So what we are saying here I think is that the product I am looking for is not on the market because the books are not published in a format that would support it ? 


There is the Chess Reader app on all devices, though it requires the pdf etc.  It's "ok" at best.  The real strength of the Kindle with chess books are the links in the books, and having all the books in your hand at once.  Also, remember you can view the books in a web browser on your PC.  Usually I will go on the PC, shrink the window to half screen, and open up chessbase and Chess Position trainer.  If it is an opening book, I will enter the repertoir into chessbase (or your DB program of choice like SCID), and then expoort it all into CPT at the end. 

WIth the links in the books, you can hop around variations (if the author uses this feature) and transpositions.  IM Tangborn's books use these well (he is a programmer). 

If I am not at my PC, I can read the books with a board out - the preferred method as I am going through the moves OTB, at each variation, I reset the board to the start and go through all the moves all over again.  This increases my memory of the games. 

If I don't have a board or PC - I will either read a tactics book (some have links to the answer - and then back to the problems) or try to visualize the board (I can play blindfold)


         http://www.chess.com/forum/view/chess-equipment/chess-e-books                            http://www.chess.com/forum/view/chess-equipment/what-is-the-best-ereader-for-pdf-chess-books                                                                                      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cT9APnMDqXQ


The Chess Viewer from Everyman seems weird.  After downloading and loading up the "My Great Predecessors" sample, you can't go to the next page of the book without going back to the contents, and while the variations are all there and nice to navigate, other links are not present (to other games in book etc - possible cause is sample).  It also does not find the Everyman books I have on the Kindle already.  

Checking out the other one from Gambit.


Gambit's was no better.  No sample books, did not find their books already on my device. 


Everyman's books though ... come with the book in Chessbase format as well.  That might work for me.


I've tried a lot of stuff out there but sorry, no experience with the Nook. 

For me, by far and away the best is the Fritz or Chessbase interface on a PC computer. Big screen, keyboard shortcuts, and easy annotations with arrows/etc if you want. 


I almost exclusively buy books from Everyman chess now, as they give you unprotected .pgn and .cbv (chessbase) format files so you do not have to enter the moves. This saves and ungodly amount of time - I seriously don't know how people have the time or patience to move these things out on a board unless they're retired and totally bored otherwise. 


On a android phone, the best .pgn reading app is "Chess PGN Master" - it's really good - opens every pgn file and navigation is good, even with a densely annotated file. The "Analyze This" app is also good, but I like the bigger format of PGN master more. 


I've tried other chessreader apps like the one that Gambit publications uses, but the drawback is that you're tied to the app, and the apps are currently not as good as Fritz or PGNmaster. 


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I realize that this thread is almost 3 years old but I recently came across a video about an app that I think might be helpful to people with a similar question: