Editing games with Chessbase 10


Have an important question about using Chessbase.


Lets say I entered a game into a database, and saved the game.  Later, I realized that I got the moves wrong, and also didn't type correctly the name of my opponent.


Whenever I change the game moves and data and do SAVE AS or even SAVE, it creates another game instead of just over-writing the one I just changed.


I then have to go and delete the extra game, and its very inefficient use of time.


Is there a way to just over-write the previous game without going through this lengthy process?



You don't want to "save as" which creates a new game file.  To change moves, just open the game and correct them on the board, overwrite the wrong lines (an option box will come up, giving you the chance to enter a new variation or overwrite the existing move). Use "replace" - press Control + R at the same time and the new moves will be saved as the same game.

While the "replace" box is up, you can correct the names, tournament, date, ratings, etc.  Once you finish and click "okay" or just hit "enter," those will be saved as well.


Thanks very much.

Have one more problem now:


Whenever I am entering moves with Chessbase 10, the program is making moves automatically for me. 

Usually it involves captures of a piece, even when I don't tell it to capture. I have the engine turned off, so that isn't the problem. The problem could be my mouse, or could be something in Chessbase that does these automatic moves. Do you know what I can do to stop this? Thanks,

Go to the game options, and disable training.

(I'm using Chessbase 2009 Premium, which is slightly different).


Thanks, but training was already disabled when I was inputting the moves.

Must be something else...


I have never come across this with Chessbase 10 or 11, in Fritz you can click on "Infinate Analysis" and that will stop it playing, if as you say it still plays with the engine off.

Sorry cant be more help.


Looks like I have a weird mouse or something that is accidentally double-clicking?


Do you have more than one program or just Chessbase 10?, sounds a silly question but just checking it is CB 10 you are on.


I have Chessbase 10 and also Fritz 8 but I only run Chessbase by itself.


More problems!

All the pieces disappeared from my Chessbase 10 interface, and I couldn't get them back.

I de-activated the program and tried to re-install.

Now I can't re-activate it, it gives me a "HTTP ERROR".


What do I do now?


Contact ChessBase directly (you do have a registered version right?) I wasn't able to update CB9 after several reinstalls (necessitated by destructive reformats of WhineDoze) so I asked CB about it and they replied that they were going to "reactivate" my SN so I could update again - for two more times. Sounds like a chickenshit feature on their part ie limiting the # of times you can update but maybe you have a similar problem or situation?


I do have a registered version.


Will Chessbase 10 still work without limitations if the program is never activated?


Ask ChessBase directly!



Did I mention that Chessbase 10 crashes CONSTANTLY, and I mean almost everytime that I use it.


Is Chessbase 11 more stable?


Something's wrong.  I have CB10 too, and one of the biggest advantages is it NEVER crashes.  From time to time it will go "not responding" but only rarely, and it resets itself after 30 seconds or less.


Chessbase versions I've used are very stable (I never liked the newer ones with the ribbonUI). They may crash only if a  resource-heavy engine (Houdini comes strongly to mind) is draining the system resources.


My experience with ChessBase is that they are not very helpful if you ask them questions. I have CB 2009 lite and that works fine; I dont think I will be upgrading from what I em hearing here!


Chessbase 11 is always crashing, at least mine is, CB 10 is okay but 2009 Premium was the best, I am not sure if you can get this version now, pity.


Yes, 2009 premium is still available.


However, I think they do not sell licences for it anymore, and tell you to purchase the latest (horrible) Chessbase instead.


I clicked UPGRADE and it told me that my CB10 was up to date.

But I still got support to email me the CB 10 Service Pack 6.


Not sure if I needed that file, or if its redundant, but I installed it in the hopes that these crashes will stop.


I also removed Houdini from my computer, maybe that will help too.


I am strongly in support of a CHESSBASE FORUM, either on chess.com or sponsored by Chessbase company themselves.  There are just so many questions that come up with these complicated softwares.