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Elo Rating

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    How much Elo rating does a player start with in FIDE generally , Is it like here 1200 or is like other servers with 500 or is it 0 for starters??

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    You do not have a starter FIDE rating, you get FIDE rating after playing against 9 FIDE rated players. (You have to play the 9 match in some years, I do not know how many years exactly.)

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    Yes, this site has the initial ratings all wrong. In FIDE and USCF, a player is UNRATED until he's played several games. The initial rating is determined by the average performance rating achieved. This site's rating system, coupled with tournaments for players with low ratings, creates a very negative experience. Players start with a 1200 rating, but if their skill level is +2000, they will win tournaments designed for novices. 

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    not necessarily they probably won't play tournaments at the beggining and why would they waste there time playing agains novices ??

    unless they'r just looking to win any tournament for self confidence boost which means they will drop there level soon enough

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    If you take a look at the innumerable threads complaining about sandbagging in tournaments, you'll see that there are plenty of people who join such tournaments. One excellent reason is that they don't really know for sure how the ratings here work before they begin playing.

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    hmm well I agree with you partially they should change the rating system her and make it more like real but that's not as easy as you think , they would have done that if it was.


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