Endgame Strategy By Mikhail Shereshevsky


Just finished working through this book. BEST endgame manual I know of. Great book.


I've heard nothing but praise for that book. I will be acquiring it as soon as I can.


"... A different kind of book is Shereshevsky's 'Endgame Strategy', ... one will not learn the basics from this book at all; ... it has more to do with transitions from the middlegame than with endings themselves. ..." - IM John Watson (2000)


Teichmann70 wrote:
I studied the book and found it too boring and weak. Silman's endgame is much better

you have a dismal and unimpressive rating to claim a book praised by may, many stronger players than yourslf as boring and weak. I think a more accurate statement would have been "the concepts wer beyond my comprehension". i know many players, 500+ points stronger than yourself in blitz alone, who claim this book is a must read classic for endgame study. Though I have Silman's endgme course, I aim to get the Shereshevsky book to fill gaps and help achieve the positions in Silmans, and other's books.