Endgame Strategy By Mikhail Shereshevsky


Just finished working through this book. BEST endgame manual I know of. Great book.


While I would hesitate to label any book, endgame or not, as "best", I would be hard pressed to argue with your enthusiasm for this wonderful book.

Few endgame texts covered topics in detail such as the famous advice "Do not hurry" or the idea of schematic thinking (though GM Jacob Aagaard does an excellent job in passing the baton to readers in his "Excelling at Technical Chess").

In Shereshevsky's book, it is noted that when the book was published in the USSR in 981, the 50,000 copies sold out immediately, as testament to the quality of the book and the value readers found in what was written.

This book was highly praised by IM Jeremy Silman in his 3rd edition HTRYC, as well as Shereshevsky's two volume "Mastering the Endgame". Fortunately, the "Endgame Strategy" is not too difficult to locate, but volume 1 of his two-volume set commands a cut throat cost.


I've heard nothing but praise for that book. I will be acquiring it as soon as I can.


"... A different kind of book is Shereshevsky's 'Endgame Strategy', ... one will not learn the basics from this book at all; ... it has more to do with transitions from the middlegame than with endings themselves. ..." - IM John Watson (2000)


Teichmann70 wrote:
I studied the book and found it too boring and weak. Silman's endgame is much better

you have a dismal and unimpressive rating to claim a book praised by may, many stronger players than yourslf as boring and weak. I think a more accurate statement would have been "the concepts wer beyond my comprehension". i know many players, 500+ points stronger than yourself in blitz alone, who claim this book is a must read classic for endgame study. Though I have Silman's endgme course, I aim to get the Shereshevsky book to fill gaps and help achieve the positions in Silmans, and other's books.