Escher's Metamorphosis chess


I have a print of M.C. Escher's "Metamorphosis II", an interesting artwork. You can view it and read about it here:

It has a chess position incorporated into it, which teaches several important (albeit common) chess concepts without words or moves.


Any other fans of Escher? :)
Sweet never payed much attention to art shall start doing so now. Like the green man in you pic the tone is magnificant and those bold lines emerging from his head a true masterpiece lol.

MC Escher that's my favorite MC

Keep your 40 I'll just have an Earl Grey tea. 


I'm a huge Escer fan...In fact my theme is this exact print inspired! (you can search it and use it if you want Tongue out)


I really like all his work and my favorite has got to be either the eye with the skull in the pupil or his metamorphosis with the aligators (3-d not 2-d version) and of course the folded chess set as well, not as important a set-up though.


Love it,