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Estimation on your ELO Rating test

  • #41

    my current elo is 1319, but the website estimates my elo to be 1865 based on my performance.

  • #42

    Using workaround 3 i got 2366!

  • #43

    I got 1800+ even though my USCF rating is only 476ish. Hmmmm......

  • #44

    My rating is actually not the best. I've only ever passed 1200 once and my ELO is 1719. I'm assuming this could be accurate because oftenwhen I play i dont think too hard on the daily or rapid games, and I can get very deep in thought in others. My lessons on my other account was about 2300 and I've only really been playing chess for about 7 to 8 months but studying hard every day. My current rating is 1166 yet i'm unsure if elo is the same rating system chess.com uses.

  • #45

    I got 2330 with workaround 1. I am around 1700 uscf. This is probably not very accurate.


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