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Ethical question...

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    I'll have to agree that the average player must have gotten much better. Thanks to the rise of computers and the internet they can play and learn much more effectively.

    And 66 - wow, I don't think I'll ever get that old!

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    I think the turn-based chess on here suits me better, as well. Less pressure and more time to think combined with the analyze board and access to an opening book database makes for a better played game.

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    there is a possible communication answer

    in answer to the forum question i would recommend contacting your group admin ask them to contact the opposing admin ie other group admin asking if they could field a similar rated player this may involve a temporary match closure and reopen with diff grade level but worth a shot

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    Thanks for trying to help Nedluddite :), but this was a purely hypothetical question. It had occurred to me when I noticed players ratings rising in between registration and the start of a team match. I wanted other peoples input on whether they felt it was ethical or not.

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    it can be a case where a player just gets a few wins esp if outgraded heavily from sign up to match start i guess i should have read the prev posts tho as i didnt get the context sorry

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    No Worries ;)


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