EUGENE TORRE ....Inspirational Story


I just like to share what i've watched in  TFC featuring EUGENE TORRE. He is currently a vice president of a Real State Company and he said he applied all concept of CHESS to his business but i forgot many things what he mentioned but one thing i remembered that all employees (from top to bottom) of the company knows how to play chess because this is required to their company so that you can easily understand the flow of their business and you know how to play with the clients or customers in terms of business strategy and tactics..."i wish i have that tape to rewind and share it to all CHESS fanatics"....


Full name Eugenio Torre
Country Philippines
November 4, 1951 (1951-11-04) (age 57)
Iloilo, Philippines
Title Grandmaster
FIDE rating 2560
Peak rating 2619 (circa 1986)

  • 1st Filipino and 1st Asian International Grandmaster of Chess (1974)
  • Asia’s first grandmaster

He is a relative of mine.  He used to play chess in Iloilo City.  Mabuhay ka Torre!!!