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Facing the Scandinavian

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    Hello all i am having trouble facing the Scandinavian defense. The black castles queenside and starts attack on centre which is too strong.I just stand watching the black ruling the game. I just don't get a plan to start up with. So what should be white's plan playing against Scandinavian. Any lines,game or any sort of help is appreciated.Smile



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    Well, since I like playing the Scandinavian (Center Counter) as Black, my earnest recommendation to all readers is to play a few moves, then resign gracefully.  Wink


    ps.  Well, if you really must put up a fight, then perhaps you ought to avoid exd (maybe try e5, instead).

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    I used to hate playing against the Scandanavian because I think it's boring.  After playing a bit with the Blackmar Diemer Gambit though, now I hope for a 1...d5.  I'm not highly rated, but there is usually pause when I throw out 2.d4.

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     I don't like the position of white in this variation, black is going to play e5 with lots of pressure on center. Any other moves i should play as white?

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    Okay thanx, so my mistake was natural looking Bc4.

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    No way, am not feeling bad at all. Infact why should i feel bad?!? o.O you helped me so am thankful 2 u :D

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    I also have trouble with facing the scandinavian. But what do you experienced guys think about this video? It´s brand new it seems like. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTytiduEsu8

    The idea is 

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    In the main line scandinavian defence white is much more active.
    But what I like to play against is this.

     2. e5 is not good for white.



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    I am correcting my self. THIS is within mainline: 

    And THIS is how to CRUSH blacks idea of centre-counter defense! 

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    Stop playing Nc3 and blocking your c pawn.  e4 d5 exd5 Qxd5 Nf3, then play for d4 and c4.

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    The move 1. e4  d5  2. Qf3? is just play silly. Black gets close to a winning advantage.

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    Also, this line does not really work for White  1. e4  d5  2, exd5  Qxd5

    3. c4  there are a couple of lines for Black

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    ponz111 wrote:

    The move 1. e4  d5  2. Qf3? is just play silly. Black gets close to a winning advantage.


    Not at all... I challenge you to show me why. I think it is a brilliant idea.

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    You shouldn´t play Qh4 unless you know what youre doing. A far easier way to play is simply Qd3!

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    Here is an answer to another question.

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    theliten, what would you play after my sequence? Sometimes chess postings on youtube have wrong analysis.  The move 1. e4  d5  2. Qf3 breaks a fundamental opening rule.

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    After your sequence? Well first off, "your sequence" is a very modern response :) But it goes into the scandinavian. My idea is to AVOID the scandinavian and therefore I would not play your sequence. Btw, someone who wants to play the scandinavian and not is a computer program may not at all capture, at least if he isn´t high rated.

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    theliten, my sequence was a follow up on your avoiding the Scandinavian.

    Please diagram what you would do in response to my moves so we are on the same page as to what we are talking about? [ used the moves from the youtube video you gave]  Please use actual moves rather than words.

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    Chess Lover  I once wrote a book on this variation:

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    To understand the ideas for White and Black you just need to purchase a current book. To complex to explain here.

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