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Faster than lighting? (last post spammed)

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    Is there way to play chess online with less than 1 min clock?

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    yes there is

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    awesome.  where?

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    not online brah. But it can be live or in your mind. Try playing in your mind it is great brah. Better than blindfolded chess it takes lots of focus brah. Check my forum about other things such as chess regimen and dont forget to leave a comment. good luck with your endeavors

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    First you say there is, then you come back and say there isn't and plug your own stuff?

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    i thought you wre talking in generalities, therefore playing in live action is a viable option

  • #7

    sorry if i misled you brah, you need to be more explicit in your question brah. But no i do not think that this a game faster than lightning. Can you imagine the strain on the internet connection. Only those with far superior connection will play

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    People still say "brah"? SMH...

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    somebody that says brah has a high rating than you, but keep at brah that is the beauty of live to improve

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    No, "brah" was a Hawaiian surfer word for "bro" back in the 90's. It was downright ridiculous sounding then, and mind-numbingly stupid to see someone still using it. Especially IN EVERY POST!

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    ...but me thinks I smell a troll... smells like... moss and algae found underneath a foot bridge?

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    1 sec game. 1. Ke8! Finish.

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    the internet connections brah make it impossible brah to have 30sec and less games


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