Female chess players.


I was wondering why there isn't that many female chess players, I am sure if they where more it would give an added dimention to the game and we males would learn from them and how they think.


there seems to be a few female players from what i seen it is tatical skill they are good at lots af solid play and traps seems to be the womans way


It all comes down to an anti-women history across the world. Chess is thus seen as a mans game. Hopefully in a few generations the male-female ratio in chess will be better.

Women can play chess??? :-)))

Women are just as good as men in chess. It's been proved.


Years ago at Gameknot there were two quit accomplished female chess players. Schachfruend was in the top 5 and top 10 for quite awhile. Judit Polgar has proven she can duke it out with the best of the men!



is there any difference about males & females in chess ???

i have never think about it !!!!


there are less women than men in the world :P

it's plain fluke that there are less women, today if a womam wants to play chess i'm sure she can do it! maby it's harder in certain inviorments, but possible...


Every two-three months a net thread about it.Cool

Yes, women are stillm much worser then men in chess. It' not a case in almoust everything other today, except when physical strehght is needed.

It's true. We must admit it. J. Polgar is in the world elite, but 2nd femali in the world is around No 150.

And a friend of mine said:

- In karate, among masters (black belt) women are around 20 %

- in chess, among masters (IM and GM) women are around 2%.

And we are going to be BETTER in most activities in next years. We are 60% in high education today, and step-by-step we will be 60% and more in economy, politics etc. And there are a few fields where males still will prevail: sprorts, engineriing, chess.


perfectgent has a point, my 2,nd game my opponent thought the photo was me , said i was lovely.


@ stanhope13: This is why I put this picture. I say, it represents my inner personality! Cool


i think you have a sense of humour,which is fine, i just didn.t want to not have a picture.


Well, this may be inaccurate but in my experience a lot of women feel that chess is a waste of time. To be good at it takes an inordinate amount of focus and time spent developing your ability and they are just too intelligent to waste that much time getting good at a board game (this opinion comes from my experiences with the women in my life and not intended to offend the fairer sex who indeed like chess). I personally feel that once you get to a certain level chess becomes very artistic and though you cannot measure the value in tangible terms, that feeling when you click through any of the immortal games is akin to looking at a great piece of art.


nark has a good general point,when i look at some of morphy,s games i think how on earth did he see that, i never would.


This is a brilliant conversation, and can only end well.


Yeah maybe I could get a girlfriend if some more ladies played. 

That'll be the day ay ay that I die.


I am very new to chess, but so far I have not had anyone say anything inappropriate to me on this site. I do intend to keep playing.


I like to think that women and men have an equal chance to be stellar at chess but this is in fact not true.

This is because of some weird genetic phenomenon that causes men to be more extreme in their mental capacities. This means that the smartest men are on average smarter than the smartest women (of course this also means that the stupidest men are more stupid than the stupidest women). Women are a lot more stable in general. So while women have a smaller chance of being brilliant they also have a smaller chance of being retarded. (note that I'm talking in averages, this does not mean that the best chess player in the world could not be a woman, it just means there is less chance of the best chess player in the world being a woman)

What does this mean for chess? That the top will probably consist of mostly men. But since the average intelligence for men and women is about equal there should be the same amount of male and female chess players in the world.

Finally I must note that women in general are a bit less competitive so a lot of women like to just enjoy the game with friends in a social manner instead of going to tournaments.

That could explain some of the reasons for seeing less women on a forum like this.

Another reason though is that a lot of men on forums such as this one are generally hostile towards women and many women even go as far as claiming to be men on forums to avoid the sexist comments.

Finally I guess it doesn't help that in the past chess was seen as a men's game.


I acually know of the research of what you speak of. Generally, females average intelligance is acually a few points higher then males. Although, there are four mentally advanced (( genius )) male for every one female. Though may not believe it, I am what you would call a mentally advanced male. From my experiances with any difference of the generality of male and female it's that in general females are a bit more patient and subtle. Other then that, I would say that it's anyones game. You do have a point though, women tend to be a bit less competitive. Probably because men have a higher level of tes. Yes, this would affect how you do everything. Not just physical things. Though, I have met some very competitive women. Also, while being intelligant would give you a very good boost (( Unfortunately for me, this boost isn't turning out to be enough for me. 'least so far. heh )) as long as you develope a strategy, learn how to adapt, and etc. then you can be dumb as a door knob and be the world champion. Well, I suppose that would work untill you came across timers. Anyway, I digress. I would think that such sexist comments would probably be at a minimum here. Though, that's just the impression I get. So, basically I agree. I haven't posted on this forum yet, so I wanted my first post to be a bit more then just, " I agree". Anyway, later days.


In my opinion, if there is not a female world champion in chess within 50-100 yrs, then it can be determined that among the best of the best of the best of the best, men have some advantage than women.  However, nothing can be determined as of yet.