Finally reached 1700 blitz. How much respect does 1700 player deserve? Yes/No?

Yes you deserve respect! You are setting goals and milestones, and you are achieving them. Congrats!

Also, dollars to donuts there is a strong correlation between OTB and computer rankings. The only question is, what is the y-intercept? But guarantee the r-squared will be strong. Therefore, I would say OTB aren’t the only ratings worth talking about. What is “worth talking about” is driven by the conversation.

I respect my opponent, no matter the rating, since they all pose a threat. However, I would never spectate a 1700-level game and expect to learn anything.


Congrats because only about 4% of all chess players of are at that level.


I love the threads on here where people contend "anyone can get to GM level" if they work at it.  That is so bogus, as the majority of players are over one thousand ratings points lower - and some of us have to be trying...



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My uscf is about 900 but I have a significantly higher blitz rating which is proof of how little it proves.


Also, I would approximate that it deserves 2 respect.


blitz is fine if you are playing chess "for fun". 1700 is fine also. All or most chess players deserve respect regardless of their rating. 


Everyone here is a fellow chess player, so everyone here deserves respect. 


i abuse players below 1800




Congrats man, I hope I join you one day