Finally reached 1700 blitz. How much respect does 1700 player deserve? Yes/No?


The op got 1700 in december 2018 and also lost it in december 2018

the excact same thing with Ronin2 at the top of this page, achieved 1700 in december 2018 and also lost in dec 2018.

both haven't been 1700 since

maybe some kind of curse in this tread.

drmrboss wrote:
godsofhell1235 wrote:
polebuster wrote:

Always wanted to reach this milestone  

I have massive respect for 2000 player

Jeez, a lot of jerks in this topic.

Congrats on reaching 1700.

Lol, why lots of jerks? There were 8 people who showed their opinions, 2 people (including me) showed  disrespect/ disagreed. Do you mean those 2 people are jerks cos they disagreed?

I think he meant that you were a jerk because you were being a jerk, but maybe I misunderstood him.


Protip: next time don't be a jerk.


1700 is very good. Well done!


A 1700 gets the same respect everyone gets. But the achievement? It is respectable.


1700 is a fun achievement. It took me many years to break 1700 on here, and many more to do it OTB. Bravo happy.png

IgorKravitz wrote:
It’s just blitz. Let’s see you do the same with daily.



Daily it's allowed to use opening book, and engine to double check your moves to make sure you aren't hanging pieces. therefore daily is literally zero indicator of strength. You get next to unlimited time on daily (I mean, 48 hours to make ONE chess move, you can use a lot of time and make a great move.)


Imagine going into someone's happy forum and making a rude post


Mad props bruh! No hope for dogs like me...


Michael Jordan kept perennial HOF NBA players from securing a championship, but that shouldn’t diminish their legacies. It just means Jordan was in the top 1% of NBA players.

But there is certainly something to be said for the top 5%. 


A lot. You are almost a Master.




"It's just Blitz!!" - My OTB is 1728 but I am yet to break 1700 blitz on this site.