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    Fire Chess Engine

    The Fire chess engine is in compliant with User Chess Interface. This engine is created by Norman Schmidt and Milos Stanisavljevic. Like a combination of IvanHoe and Ippolit models of chess engines. At first the engine was named Firebird, later to be renamed in just Fire because of a problems with trademark of the name. Licensed as GNU GPL and released as an open source code. The engine is based on magic bit-board and can be optimized on almost seventy User Chess Interfaces. The Fire chess engine includes SMP parallel search and Robo-bases with almost 6 threads. Because it comes from IvanHoe and Ippolit codes it includes some of their partial functions. However, the open source license was abandoned after a while and the engine was distributed again but with closed source.

    TCEC Tournament

    Latest version of Fire is Fire 3.0 x64 release. Fire Chess engine participate on TCEC Season 6 Tournaments this year. Fire engine made score of 48.38 percent, with 438 wins, 506 looses, and 1156 draws in played games against the top 20 ranked chess engines. On this tournament Fire gets 3071 ELO points and found itself on the twelve position on the table of top hundred chess engines. With this ranking Fire 3.0 found itself above its previous version Fire 2.2 xTreme and on the top of the Ippolit clones list.

    Bug fixes and features through previous versions

    Features of Fire 2.2 xTreme: This version includes SMP parallel search, optimizing pawn hash, ponder, search moves, multi-PV, multi positional gain, robbo-base support, optional timestamp for I/O file and etc.

    Bugs fixed in Fire 2.2 xTreme: PV Hash corrected and installed like a Large-Page memory, changes of Total Base Hash, included Low-Depth Margin, Robbo-Informatory deleted there was no need for it. Also Bulk – load name, unload name, unload directory options were removed, because there was no use of them.

    Fire 2.0 xTreme: Fixed problem with occasional crashes, the code is cleaner and improved and they also made bitwise optimization. In this version figures and captured ones are no longer entities with constant value. Improved with better implementation on Log and with new added hash button for clearing, etc.

    Fire 1.5 xTreme: Problem solved with triple-bases, saved values of figures can be changed while the game is playing. Also this version has five new options that were missed in the previous versions, and they are: Absolute, Battle, Easy, and Normal Factor.

    Creator said about Fire engine

    Norman Schmid says that his goal for Fire Chess engine combines all the best ideas and features by the Ippolit family of releases, Ippolit, RobboLito,Igorrit and IvanHoe. He also said that Fire includes all the best ideas that Sentinel and Kranium (the nicknames of creators) could think of.





    Although the Fire is not the best chess engine on the world ranking list for chess engines, Fire represents the combination of the best parts from each single engine which was created under the Ippolit family. Maybe future achievements in algorithms and chess engines will bring this particular engine on the top ranked list.


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