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First OTB Tournament Questions

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    Hello everyone. I've been playing on chess.com for a couple years, and would like to try my hand at an over-the-board tournament being held in my city. I'm an adult player, so I assume I'll be in the adult brackets, but I'm not registered with FIDE or USCF so I'm not sure where I would be placed in the brackets.

    If I'm not registered, how will I/they know what rating bracket to put me in? On that topic, how do I register?

    Also, I looked over the time limits, and I don't really know what I'm looking at. It talked about Game/75, d5 and 40/115, SD/1, d5. Does this mean the game has to be over in 75minutes with the first move having to be d5? How do you read this when looking at OTB tournaments?

    Thanks again for all your help in answering my novice questions :)

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     Game/75 means each side has 75 minutes.

    G/75, d5 means each side has 75 minutes but 5 seconds before the clock starts counting down on each move. This helps in long games as you will always have at least 5 seconds to make each move.

    40/115, SD/1, d5 means your first 40 moves must be in 115 minutes. After 40 moves you will have 60 more minutes added to your clocks (SD is sudden death, so no more time controls). the d5 again means 5 seconds before the clock starts moving.

    If your tournament is USCF rated, you will either need to join the USCF before the tournament, or they will take memebership at the door. Please check with your tournament director. The pairings are generally computer controlled, and a good TD will take care of everything for you.

    Best advice: stay calm, play good chess, enjoy the experience

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    Wow, thank you very much for your quick response. This helps out tremendously! I'm used to playing anywhere from 1minute each side, to 30minutes. I think I'll be able to stay calm and be able to notate my games with this amount of time. Thank you again.


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