Fix for ChromeOS Touchscreen bug on boards


Hey guys.  We've gotten a lot of reports about dragging of pieces no longer working on touchscreens in ChromeOS.  We've been looking a lot into the issue and finally last night had a breakthrough.  It turns out Chrome 70 changes the way that touch works and is incompatible with the old touch events we use (and other browsers use).  It's actually affecting a number of libraries and sites right now.  For the technically geeky in the crowd you can reach about the change here  We are working on implementing this change but it's a bit tricky because we have seen serious degredation in performance in certain browsers (ahem Firefox) that support PointerEvents.  So we want to make sure that we balance things correctly.

In the meantime while we sort this out you can bring back touch and drag.  On your Chrome device, in the url bar type in chrome://flags#touch-events and hit enter.  This will bring up a list of flags in Chrome.  The first flag should be Touch Events API.  If you change that value from disable to enabled, then reboot you will have touch and drag for pieces back.  This brings back the old functionality for Touch Events for Chrome.  I hope this helps everyone get this back while sort things out.




The issue should be fixed now so this work-around shouldn't be needed anymore.  If you still have issues please let me know and report a bug using the menu.