Flexibility in chess


Before reading this i would like to  inform that I am an amateur.So I have some doubts (may be misunderstandings..) and i woud like to post them here since i didnt know the correct place to do so.

##flexibility ##

the most important part in every strategic game used espically in multiplayer games.Basically my doubt aroused while playing age of epires 2 multiplayer.We use strategy similar to that of chess sowhile playing multiplayer it seemed that flexibility is most important part in it.So applying the same logic here I can't get any good conclusion since ive read in books that conditoned planing in chess is most important . 

-is there any flexible strategy applied in chessgame .?if it is..can i view that game?

-What if there is some flexible strategies like....continous attack on the left side and sudden switching to right side leaving the opponent confused..and again switching it back to left since he may have changed his style of defense. ...

- im confused.. :( can anyone help me out in this FLEXIBILTITY  confusion?

thanking you for reading this post :)


Sorry i can't help you. But, I invite you to have a look on this topic which hopefully will help you.


Flexibility is particularly important with pawns as they can't be moved backwards.  To keep your king safe, generally you want to keep your pawns all on the 2nd rank directly in front on your king.  That way if your king is under attack you can move any of them to the 3rd rank knowing it will be protected.  If you start the game off with 1.h3?! and then castle kingside you have lost some options from defending against an attacker later in the game.

There are many other examples of flexibility in chess. 

The Accelerated Dragon is a variant of the Sicilian Defense where black fiachettos the bishop before playing d6 so that way d5 can be played later in one move instead of two.  In other Sicilian lines black delays the development of the b8 knight so that it has more information about white's plans to decide whether it wants to be on c6 or d7.